Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{Sorry, no creative name today....I'm pooped}

*Disclaimer:  Apparently on Tuesday nights, we like to make up our own words.  Some of these words will be used throughout this post, but no worries, I will define them as we go!

First off, before we get to quilty things....these two new kittens are so precious and absolutely adorable!!  I have never had kittens before (we had always gotten them a bit older), and oh my goodness...these two will get us ready for kids, let me tell you!

Ruby and Gustav - a.k.a "Gus"

They went to the vet for their first check-up, what an adventure that was!!  Ruby was still a bit timid, not quite sure what to think of being there.  Gus, on the other hand, was all over the place, jumping up & down, chewing on whatever he could find.  They both got a great bill of health though, thank goodness!!

Such a big day for two little kitties!  In the middle of playing with daddy, Gus Gus pooped out for a bit tonight while Ruby was still ready to keep playing!  She not only played with the feather toys with dad, but also attacked her brother's tail while he was trying to sleep....sibling love!

Okay, now on to 3 Young Chicks & the Hot Hen quilting!  We decided to take a little break from our other projects, and all made Stop Signs {octagonal table toppers}.

During this time, we were instructed to make sure to Per-hess it! {Press it!}  You need to make sure that the seams lay flat before moving on...

Once the seams are flat, be sure to trim off all of your thready-bobbers {stray threads} before the next step of sewing, otherwise they'll cause you problems!

There were also a few Dang-nabbits! and Cer-aps! throughout the night as well...  We seemed to have some type of Southern-Midwest accents tonight...not quite sure where that came from.

Anywho, the Stop Signs aren't quite finished yet, that will be next week....but here's what we ended up with so far!

Awesome thing!!  We've decided that we are going to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and join in on the quilt-along over at Fat Quarterly!  We just needed to make sure that we have our schmagerbag of fat quaters {I'm guessing "assortment"...}.  Our fabric has been ordered from Connecting Threads, and we are all waiting with baited breath for those first set of instructions to come.  Granted, it isn't until Monday, but we're ready and waiting!


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