Saturday, August 28, 2010

Off to the Fair!

Yesterday, hubby and I spent the afternoon and evening at the fair!  The Great Summer Get-Together!! 

The place of:

Thousands & thousands of people...

Cheese Curds at every turn....

All kinds of dairy...

And anything you can think of on a STICK!!

Of course, you can't forget about
The Midway...

And one of my favorite stops...
The place with all of the snowboarding stuff.  Bring on the snow!!
{Well, after a bit of the fall!}

And a great day it was!

Today was spent getting a much needed massage, and time with the hubby...searching, petting, meeting, and finally bringing home:
Ruby (left- girl) & Gus (right - boy) 
2 1/2 month old sister & brother who made their way into our hearts!


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Kathleen said...

I love fairs! We usually get an elephant ear and a funnel cake. Both are way too sweet and greasy but we do it anyway just once a year. I never heard of cheese curds... what are they?