Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Night Sewing Date

Tonight was the beginning of a new project! Now, that doesn't necessarily mean something else got finished....but I really want to get started on my Christmas quilt! So I did a bit of ironing and cutting after all the fabric was washed. Brought home a whole pile to keep cutting this week and weekend. Dani also started working on a table scarf for her mom for the holidays. Should be a simple little thing for her to do quickly. Then it's onto a few gifts that she'll be making!

I also did a little show 'n tell tonight! I bought all of these batiks at one of the quilt stores (really a fabric warehouse, and HUGE!) to make a 4-Patch Flip. I cut Saturday and did a bit of sewing on Sunday, and this is what I've got so far!

As usual, the camera doesn't do justice for what the fabrics actually look like. Absolutely stunning! I can't wait to get this quilt together, and it's so dang quick!

What were you working on tonight?

Hugs & Giggles!

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Michelle said...

I made one quilt top using Batiks and didn't care for the feel of it very much. But now when I see quilts done with it, it's starting to grow on me...slowly. So far, I really like what you have done. I just love how cheery the colors are.