Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Night Sewing Date!

Tonight we all finished the other half to our first pillowcase that we made a couple weeks ago (last week was the quilt show)!  I now have an adorable set, all I need is for someone to get married!

I also brought my finished Webby Quilt top to show!  I just need to get some fabric for a back and binding (probably a solid light neutral for the back and white for the binding).  {And there's Mom, my "Happy Holder" for the night :o) }

Here is one of my favorite selvages ("Here Comes the Sun" by Patrick Lose with the star by it)!

And I had a package sitting and waiting for me when I got home.  I got my other blocks for my "No Sew Block Swap"!  And of course, Miss Abbi thinks it was a little package just for her!  Aww...love her!

Well, that was my wonderful evening with the girls.  And I am now up to watch some Olympics with Hubby and cut some blocks for our next project for Tuesday Night Sewing Date next week!!

What did you work on tonight??


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