Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday Night Sewing Date!

What a wonderful Tuesday night it was last night!  We had a pizza dinner, lots of chit chat, laughing, and sewing of course!

It was the first night that our dear friend, Katie, joined us!  And it was her first time ever really on a sewing machine!  I love that I am able to introduce my friends to this wonderful {and slightly addictive} hobby that I so enjoy :o)  We had a great night together, and all worked on pillowcases.  Something very easy for Katie as her first project, still easy enough for Dani to continue with, and just the project I have been needing to do with some fabric I got quite a while ago for wedding gifts.  We don't necessarily have any weddings coming up here in the near future, but ready to be prepared, right??

And what awesome fabric it is too!  I may just have to make a set for Hubby and me!

So we got one full pillowcase each finished!

We will finish it's "other half" in a couple weeks {next week we have one of the annual quilt shows/lectures that Mom and I go to every year, this year we're just bringing along a few others!}. 

They all turned out so cute!  And let me tell you, Katie and Dani were so excite to have finished their first one last night that they each had to bring them home!

How I love my friends and can't wait to have sewing buddies for life!  Many more years of sewing and quilting fun!


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