Monday, February 8, 2010

Tons of Inspiration!

Today will be a photo-filled day of photos from my adventure with Mom yesterday.  We were off to a quilt show with a wonderful bed-turning!

First off....this was what we saw on our drive to the quilt show and back:

Driving through rural southern Minnesota on an overcast and snowy day leaves for a hard time deciphering the sky from the ground in the distance.

I want to make one like this for my sewing room!

Love the ruffles!  Someday I may
make the venture to do this....

Such luscious colors!!

Great edges!  Love that it isn't all just straight :o)
Curved? Who would've thought??

Oh how I love Figgy Pudding!

Beautiful Stack-N-Whack 4-Patch


Antique Grandmother's Flower Garden - Made in the 1930's

Antique Double Wedding Ring - Don't remember when it was made

Antique Signature Quilt - Made in 1950

Antique Quilt, Victorian Ladies similar to Sunbonnet Sue 
- Don't remember when it was made

Antique Applique Rose Bud Wreath Quilt -
Again, don't remember when

Mom - if you remember when some of the quilts shown in the bed-turning were made, let me know and I'll add the dates in on here.  Thanks!  Love ya!

So many absolutely beautiful quilts at the show, and so much inspiration floating around, I was just ready to get home and work on my flower garden!!

We're off to another show and lecture tomorrow for our Tuesday Night Sewing Date!  More pictures to come after that show!!



Crafty Mama said...

Wow, lots of inspiration indeed! Those are some beauties!! Thanks for sharing:-)

Cora said...

Some of those are really unique. Definately inspiration to think out of the box. Thank you!!

Clara said...

hank you for all the beautiful pictures. I adore the granny floer grde, it's my favourite because the handmade hexagongs are the ones I can do better. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous experience! Bye, Clara.

Michelle said...

BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing those photos!

Mandy said...

Love the quilts! Just beautiful!

Myra said...

Wow Katy! Beautiful quilts there! Thanks for sharing them with us! 8-)

I just popped in for a quick PhD check in! I hope you are able to work on yours as much as you had hoped! Remember to let me know when you've completed one! 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of all those beautiful quilts!