Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello Fall!

And welcome to all of your fall-ish goodness! I love your cool days, your stunning colors, and all the fun that is to come in the next few months! You are my favorite of the four seasons (just don't tell the others)!

There are always gorgeous colors when you are near!

We may not have a fireplace, but there is always warmth in our home!

And I don't get laughed at for having pumpkin pie, like I do all the rest of the times of the year (what can I say...I just love pumpkin pie)!!

Yep, even made some tonight :o)

Hugs & giggles,


Michelle said...

Me too - I love Fall. It is the bestest season!!!

JAS said...

If you have a recipe for pumpkin pie cheesecake-pass it on to me.