Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Day of Lessons Learned

Today was full of learning and filling my head with more knowledge!

First off, I slept in, which I knew I would need with the weekend I have ahead of me. Got up, ate breakfast, then mom came over to teach me how to hem! I figure it's about time that I learn so I don't have to keep sending things to her house to have them done. I also sewed on a couple buttons, man am I getting all domestic! Needless to say, I was always the non-functional sewer, shall we call it. It was nice to do a little project today that was useful! (Not that quilting isn't useful! Who doesn't need to let a little creativity out and have another beautiful piece of work??)

Sewing the lace on before hand-sewing a hem.

And the first of many buttons.

We finished 2 skirts, a jacket, and a few buttons on a couple jackets.

After working on some hems, it was back to the books for the rest of the day. The big test is next weekend and I've been studying my tush off lately. That is what today and tomorrow consist of... Learning all about fabric types/uses, contract documents, mechanical/electrical/structural systems, sustainable design, codes (building, ADA), professional practices, and the list goes on! Also did some of my timed hand drafting practice tests. You know, drawing floor plans, furniture plans, making sure you have correct egress, lighting plans, power/data plans, millwork details, all that fun stuff.

My life as of late...and the reason I haven't had any fun quilty/crafty pictures or stories to share! But no worries, it will all be back to normal by this time next week!

And now back to it...

Hugs & Giggles

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Michelle said...

You can use the sewing machine for things other than quilting? HEHEHE! Yes, it sounds really domestic but good for you. I bet your mom's excited. Ok, back to your studying - looks like fun...hehehe!