Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Night Sewing Date

It's that day again! Gives me something to look forward to for the beginning of the week...spending time with Mom and sewing! And Grandma tonight - we brought her home for a while after our trip this weekend!! :o)

Tonight was the beginning of the wedding quilt!!

First a little back story...when the whole wedding planning frenzy was in motion, I was trying to figure out what to have the guests to sign. I didn't want to do the typical guest book that would be packed away in a box and never-again looked at, so the ideas and thoughts began. Since we have an absolute love of quilting, mom and I thought about doing a signature quilt. That was it! After the decision had been made, the search and collecting of fabric began. We looked at many different patterns and came up with our own little design for the quilt. And so the process began...

We didn't get too far on it tonight, but did do a bit of our planning and such. We divided all the signature blocks into groups, checked out counts for red & black fabrics, realized who didn't sign a block (*cough* father-in-law...), and figured out just how big this quilt is actually going to be (holy moly!)! So I don't have too much to report for the evening, it was more of a working and planning night than an actual sewing night, but you need those once in a while. We'll be doing some sewing on it Thursday night, so that should be good.

I know the pictures aren't the best, I'm sorry! I forgot my camera so the phone had to do...

The goal is to finish this before our 1 year anniversary in October, so we best get cracking!

What did you work on tonight??

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