Thursday, July 2, 2009

A new set-up gives new inspiration!!

Or so I hope....

The bulk of the evening was spent re-arranging our second bedroom from a mish-mash mess into a much more usable space! And I am loving how it all turned out!

We also have a futon along the other wall for when we have someone come to stay with us (which isn't often) or for just hanging out to watch tv. We used to have some other things in the room that have since been taken out to be stored. It should be a great little sewing/crafting space (sans the sewing machine currently, but no worries, it will be back home soon!).

I also found this great little blog today that I decided to be a part of and will hopefully help push me along on some of my WIPs. I made a list today of all of my current WIPs/things that I have the fabric for but haven't started, and I have to use more than one hand to count them all.... Here is my project that I am working on and hope to finish by the end of the month:

I found the pattern on sale at a quilt show a couple years ago and found the yellow border star fabric soon after! All the fabric sat in a bin for a year or so, then I pulled it all out to work on over the winter. I have 6 stars left of the 30 total to quilt, then I just need to bind it. I'm so close I can taste it! So anywho, be sure to check out the blog and join if need that little extra push too!

I'm off to relax just a bit and work on some batik flowers, then sleep in tomorrow since we have work off for the holiday! Happy 4th of July!


Gwen Paja said...

A clean, organized space always inspires more creatinons. Great job!


Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Way to get organized. Your quilt is going to be adorable! I'm looking forward to all of us working together to get those UFO's to FO status!

CJ said...

Those bright stars are pretty! I can't wait to see it all finished.

amandajean said...

what a great space to work in!