Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wonderful but short...

What a wonderful, but short, weekend! The weather was beautiful and quite a bit got done. There was a lot of laying in the sun, some errands run, and some chores finished. And of course, some sewing done!

One of our first chores was to get ready for the drywall guys coming tomorrow afternoon to fix nail pops that have shown up over the last 11 months. Thankfully they are coming back to fix them for free since we moved in just after the town house was built. It kind of makes us laugh though at all of the little post-its that we have all over our walls, I have counted a total of 234 so thats a lot. A new decorating technique maybe??

And then to the sewing at Mom's today, after some sunning, of course! It was another afternoon spent working on the vegetable placemats. The quilting and pressing is all done, finally! All that is left to do is squaring the placemats off, sewing on the binding, and hand-sewing to finish the binding. Most of that will be done (hopefully) during my Tuesday Night Sewing Date with Mom, then the hand sewing (if I can wait) will be done on our trip to see Grandma at the end of this month!

Oh, and exciting! I have decided to voluntary summer hours at work this summer, every other Friday off. So that means a bit of time this summer to get things done that I can't seem to fit in my regular work week. Which includes, sewing, cleaning, tanning, reading, some traveling/camping, and hopefully more time to work on my photography! Can't wait to see what all comes of that!

Well, off to do some of my hexie flowers. Happy crafting all!

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