Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 2: Why I'd love to!

Day number 2, and I was almost afraid I wouldn't have anything to write about! No worries though, I do! I have been inspired :o)

A little back story.....
Last year, a group of us at work spent a couple days donating our hours, and worked with Habitat for Humanity on a build. This year, we weren't able to get the funding from corporate to do a build again, so the committee has decided to do a couple fundraisers, one of which is going to be a silent auction for items made/donated by fellow co-workers. One person on the committee, a very close friend, knew that I sew and such and asked if I would be willing to make something and donate it. Needless to say....I always enjoy a new project! And for it to go to a good cause is always a plus! So then I started coming up with a bunch of ideas, trying to think of what I could come up with from my stash, and my mom's stash, of fabric. I have come up with a few things that I can't wait to get going on! I've decided to make a table runner, baby quilt, and throw in a couple of my wine vests! I will be sure to post a pic or two of what the final product is!

So there is Day 2, what inspired you today??

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Klayfriends Collectible Jewelry and Clay Creations said...

wow, good for you! i always tell my kids to do good for others and good will come back to you..I truely believe that.. i was inspired today with the Sun that shown bright after a long rainy day in Jersey...It was beautiful :)