Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 1: Beauty of Mother Nature

Well...waking up this morning, I looked outside and thought "Mother Nature is playing an April Fool's joke on us!" That's right, 'Spring has Spring', and last night/today it snowed. Now I must say, I love snow, (and would have loved to go snowboarding one last time), but I am ready for spring and some warm weather & sun! So you are asking, 'Why is a bit of snow inspiration?' It was just that type of snow that comes down in huge flakes, and sits delicately on all of the branches of the trees. And you get that peacefully, serene feeling as you drive along and look at the landscape.

Then on the way home from work, I noticed something along the road that brought a smile: a sign that spring is coming (or here)!

That's right, the golf courses are open!

So there's my inspiration, and a couple smiles for the day! What inspired you today?


lolo said...

I love the picture.. Awesome!! I love snow and cold weather.. I'm living in Florida and the weather here is to hot for me...

heidisblog said...

Beautiful pics. I miss snow. I live in Florida now but I use to live in Alaska many years ago. Yeah, I miss snow.

EllaPhante said...

that snow is beautiful! I'm looking forward to the warmth too in MD it has just been cold and rainy:(