Monday, July 6, 2009

My First Quilt

I have decided to post about my first quilt I ever made after reading Camille's (of Thimble Blossoms) post on her blog Simplify (if you've never checked it out, you shall!!

So here it first ever quilt!

It was made 11 years ago, a simple patchwork with lights and darks. All scraps that mom had in her stash, no borders, yarn tied, nothing fancy. I was only 14 at the time, so needless to say, I was at quite the beginning stage. The quilt measures 52" x 44". I had to scan the picture into my computer (originally taken with a regular camera..yes, this was before all of the fancy digital cameras) just so that I could show it! I'm not sure where the quilt is now, either upstairs in my hope chest, or at Mom's for the kitty to sleep on, or in a closet somewhere...never can tell!

And my most recent finish!

My "Summer Fun" 9-patch that I finished a week and a half or so ago. Made with a mixture of my stash, and mom's stash of brights. Many of these fabrics have great memories, and some are just fun fabrics that I've been collecting along the way. With sashing, corner stones, borders, machine quilted, and binding. Quilt measures 69" x 56" Also, my first pieced back with a few extra 9-patch blocks that I had!

As you can see, I've learned an incredible amount about quilting, the process, and have developed my own skill along the way. Most of that thanks to Mom, love you much! And, also have to throw a little special thank you out to Grandma, without her teaching Mom, I probably wouldn't have picked it up either!

I can't wait to see all of the other blogs of those that decide to take this little journey as well! Be sure to check back to Camille's blog next Monday when she will have a list of all different people who have shared about their quilting journey!


Mary said...

Love the back.
Love the front, but I really love that back.


Camille said...

I would definitely say you have come a long way! Now THAT is a nine patch! Beautiful. Thanks for joining in!

onlymehere said...

The back is really fun. My sampler has a back where I used the spare squares. The joy of quilting for me is discovering new things like this. Good job. Cindy

Katie B said...

I love your 9-patch! The back is fantastic.

Kim Brackett said...

I'm loving the nine-patch! What a beautiful quilt! And the pieced backing is fabulous. And your first quilt made from your mom's scraps is a treasure.

Vicki said...

Your 9-patch is awesome! I made a couple of 9 patch blocks today but finishing up a quilt from them is a long way away.

Cindy said...

Both your quilts are colorful and happy. Love the colors in the 9 patch!

Gigi's Thimble said...

I love your most recent finish. The bright colors with the white sashing looks really beautiful. I may have to try that with fabrics from my own stash. Thanks for the inspiration. I love scrappy quilts!

Anonymous said...

I love the back of your quilt. Isn't it great that our mothers pass down this art. My quilts are at my Stitched Together blog, please stop by.