Thursday, July 14, 2011

And I'm back!

Hello, hello all my happy, beautiful blogland friends!

I have been feeling the jump to come back and do a bit of posting, so here I am!  Life has been a bit crazy, and so many changes in live have occurred - so it was probably I took a little break on here to get things all figured out and situated.

I have a new home, a new man, a new career, and much new-found happiness!  It was all a much needed change, and life is....well very different, and so much more fulfilling than I ever imagined it could be.

You've maybe also noticed a bit of a change around here, I decided things here needed a little freshening up along with everything else.

So life....still in school, still working (wait, that's new too!), still sewing and quilting away!  Mom and the girls and I still get together once a week for dinner and sewing, which is absolutely wonderful!  And I swear, has been my saving grace through this all.  Maybe more about that later....

Many awesome projects as of late!  I don't have pics on this computer, but will be working to get some up soon!

Thank you all for stopping by! 


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