Monday, April 12, 2010

My New Quest

I think it's about time I start this.  Really, I should have started this little quest a while ago...  What quest is that you ask?

How long can I go "Fabric Purchase-Free"!

I am planning at least one month, but with one exception.  
**There is this one quilt that is waiting to have that perfect fabric found...  So if that fabric is found while I'm on my new quest, that is the only purchase that will be made.  It is a very special quilt, it will be the first I have ever made Mom!  {I'm not so good with secrets, I just get way too excited!!  So we'll see if I can keep the process from her until it's actually's to hoping I don't get way too excited and break!}  We are just waiting for her to spy the fabric she just can't live without!!  The pattern is chosen, the thread is ready, now the fabric must just make it's way into our lives.  There isn't really a deadline {well, in my head there is- I wanted to have it finished before a certain event}, but I'm still hoping the lucky fabric makes itself known to us rather soon!**

Anywho, I will be keeping tally on my sidebar.  And if you'd like to join me on this quest...I will figure out how to make a button....I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!  Anyone out there know how??  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  If I have others join me it this quest, I'll include linkies to all blogs in my sidebar as well.  Who doesn't love all the great inspiration in blogland to stash-bust in this purchase-free time??  I know I do!
So here's to a journey that will not only save me money, test my patience and my self-restraint, but will also hopefully push me to finish the many {oh, at least 10, just here at my house} PhDs (Projects Half Done) that I currently have up in my sewing studio.

Day one...let the quest begin!!



AlyGatr said...

This kind of feels like AA, name is Aly and I'm a fabric-a-holic! I've made that promise to myself at least a dozen times in the last month and then convinced myself I really "needed" some more...then broke down and bought it! I gave myself a reality check this weekend and pulled out all of the drawers of my fabric storage container and came face to face with my stash. Bottom line...I have PLENTY. I have some I'm not even sure what I had planned to do with it. I think I will make the Purchase Free vow too and see if I can stick to it.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Okay, I'm in, too. Am I? Should I? Yes, I need to. But do I want to? Yes, I do. I'll bet I have more fabric in my stash than any of the rest of you. So I really need to do this. Please help me. I can do it. Can I? Help!