Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodness Gracious!!

Did I really almost just break my vow after only 2 days?????

I had to run to JoAnn's for some things, and I walked by the remnant basket....and I looked....then touched.....walked around with these in my cart...

.....then thought about it....fought with myself....and put them back!!!

There was nothing that I needed, thought I certain could have found a use for it all!!  But I didn't let myself break that easy, for goodness sakes - it's only been 2 days!!

But with that said and done, here's a little update from 3 Young Chicks & A Hot Hen last night:

Unfortunately there were only 3 of us, one Young Chick was off to an appointment.  We did get quite a bit done though!  

Dani was onto laying out her quilt and had to make one more block.

Honest to goodness....the picture does not do this quilt justice!!  It is all batiks and absolutely gorgeous!!  Disappearing 9-patch with a little Dani-Flare!

And I almost have my blocks all together, I'm kind of doing my own spin on a Disappearing 9-Patch {with a little Katy-Flare}!

Some super fun fabric I've had sitting around for a couple years.  Again, photo does not do the quilt justice!  Obviously I need to work on my photos a bit...they were a bit rushed last night.


P.S. If anyone else wants to join with their vow, let me know!  We have 4 participating now and the more the merrier {plus, your pocketbook will love you!}!!


AlyGatr said...

HA! It must be in the stars because I found myself at Joann's buying some fabric for a "necessity" sewing project and I did the same thing...I totally cruised the remnant section then made myself walk away before I put anything in the cart! YAY for putting things back :)

Barb said...

I love both quilts...that first one is absoutely amazing in color...good luck with the vow...I am traveling and Know I can not live up to it...sorry.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What pretty quilts you "chicks" arem making! Sorry I can't take that vow - I'd just break it (sigh)! But, I'm so proud of you for sticking to it!!! Way to be strong!!!

Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

Both of those quilts are beautiful!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Good for you for putting those remnant fabrics back! You are STRONG.

I love the picture of your quilt . . . very unique and sooo colorful!

Myra said...

Love your spin on a Disappearing 9-Patch {with a little Katy-Flare}! Very creative! 8-)