Thursday, February 18, 2010

Such a great night!!

What a great night it was last night!!  It totally made up for work, which I could have easily walked out and never come back {yes, it was that bad...}. 

I had my last snowboarding lesson and finally connected my turns!  No more going straight down the hill for this girl.  And good news, no big falls - no concussions - no doctor visits today!  It was quite a success!!  So many people were surprised I was heading back out only a week after my big fall, but why let it get me down, right?  Snowboarding is something I've always wanted to do, so one little concussion isn't going to stop me!  Oh, how happy and giddy I was when we left.

But then it was time to race home to watch some Olympics.  First, I must say....Way to go Lindsey Vonn!!  She got her start out at Buck Hill in MN, where I go snowboarding and had my lessons....maybe someday I'll be a big star :o)  Umm....doubt that, but I will be in my own mind!  It was absolutely crazy last night.  They had a showing of the Olympics, and the place was packed.  2 different news channels were there, and they even had to have parking attendants out in the lot because so many people came.  Crazy I tell ya!

Anywho...we got home just in time to see the Men's Halfpipe, and the awesome win by Shaun White!  Wow, that kid is amazing!  Not so sure I'll ever really get to the point of doing tricks in the Halfpipe and all, but if I do, he's one I would aspire to be like.  Haha, and Dani (Tuesday Night Sewing Date) and I were talking about him when we saw one of his interviews Tuesday night, we're both jealous that he has better hair than we do!  What?!?  A guy should never have better hair than a girl, it's just not right.  That said and done, he was still awesome in the Halfpipe.  It was the perfect end to a great night!

And now I'm ready to head out to the slopes again...I'm trying to get Hubby to go with me Saturday.  Knowing him, he wouldn't turn it down. 

Okay, sorry this didn't really have anything to do with sewing, but I'll be back at it tonight!

Have a wonderfully awesome day!


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stillarockstar said...

I'm jealous of your lessons, I'd love to learn someday, but have heard it's really tough! I've never even had the opp to try snow skiing before. :( ...yes, I thought that was so cool about Vonn being from Minnesota & not a major mountain state!

Cheers for U.S.A. :D