Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Finished before Christmas!!

I have finally finished all of the projects that I wanted to before this Christmas! And I can say I have Mom to thank! So thank you, Mom :o) These are all projects that have been in planning/in progress since at least last year (except the last little things), and I'm so glad they are finally completed! Oh, and all of these are from Nancy Halvorsen and use her line of fabrics.

First off is the "Santa's Coming" Advent Quilt. Absolutely adorable, I just couldn't wait to get this up!

Then, her wonderful little stockings (mine is the angel, and hubby's is the elf - kinda looks like him too!). On the panels these came from, there was also Mr. & Mrs. Claus (Mom & Dad, of course), and a snowman and Rudolph (Big Brother, and future who-ever).

And hung with care! Next to little miss Abbi's stocking of course! (Also in this pic is the fabric garland that I have been working on from scraps- great tutorial here).

And last, but not least, Mom made a few ornaments from the scraps of the stockings, and I worked to do some embellishing! Perfect for the tree since we made sure there were no breakable ornaments on the tree this year with little Abbi running around.

Now that I have my advent calendar and stockings from Nancy Halvorsen all finished, it is time to find-or make-a pattern for a tree skirt! We have a tree skirt now that I made last year for our first Christmas together as husband and wife, but I'm loving the theme I have going now! Does anyone know of any panel/pattern for a Nancy Halvorsen tree skirt out there? I haven't really been able to find one just yet.

Well, that's the latest! If I don't get a chance to blog before this weekend, have a wonderful and safe Holidays!

Hugs & Giggles!

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