Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day Two/Three of Break:

This is going to be a two day update since I didn't have my computer last night.  So....

Day Two:  Tuesday Night Sewing Date w/Mom!
Since I had the day off, I went over to Mom & Dad's a bit early (they both have the week off too!) to spend some time with them, Big Brother, and Grandma.  I did a bit of ironing, cutting, and finishing!  I finished a trio of pillows that I started on Christmas Day while we were over there.  They are the absolute cutest little pillows!

And I love the fabric that Mom had in her stash that I used for these!  We were originally thinking felt, but when we saw this fabric, we knew this was it!

Day Three: Out and About & Movie Night with Hubby!
Today was a day of running and trips all over the cities!  First Dad and I made our trip to a local tea shop.  He has lately gotten me into drinking tea, I'm trying to wean off all the pop that I drink...not easy!  But I've been trying all different kinds, working my way up to the stronger stuff {I'm not quite there yet, in the greens now}.  They have some of the most delicious teas!  And better yet, I had a gift card!  I found this scrumptious almond one, and Evening in Missoula (a common one maybe), yum!  Nothing is better than a warm glass of delicious tea and a little treat!

Ah, may favorite cup filled with delicious tea and a piece of pumpkin pie, snack of champions!

Then it was movie date night with Hubby!  He got the movie Hangover for Christmas, and we hadn't watched it yet, so tonight was the night.  And that movie is funny!  I mean, yeah, it's the stupid humor type, but good for a laugh!  Of course, I was working on hexies a bit too, I just can't sit still...

Hope you all had a wonderful day!


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Pokey said...

These pillows are very pretty! Who says snowflakes have to be white?