Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Night Sewing Date!

What a great night! And quite productive! Tonight I got some batting from mom for a little project I'm working on (I have been told lately "come shop at my house before going to JoAnn's" by her), finished planning out the tea towel for a little exchange I'm participating in, and worked on the wedding quilt!

I know I've said this before, but I can't wait for this quilt to be done! It's going to be wonderful! Tonight, Mom worked on pinning, and I did some sewing. We have a total of 14 sets (4 blocks each) of signature blocks sewn. So that's a total of 56 blocks out of 150 or so. We have quite a bit to go, but we're hoping to get it done before my and hubby's first anniversary, which means we have 2 months to finish it. Eek! We'll see if it makes it there by then.

And I can't wait for Friday! More than others, because I have this Friday off! Woohoo! I plan to sew a bit (finish my little project(s) so I can show you all!), study a whole lot, and maybe read a bit outside...if it's nice that is.. Oh how I love having days off!

So what was your project of the day? I would love to hear about it!



shopannies said...

my daughter sounds like you she has been sewing every chance she gets

thanks for visiting my blog and entering a super contest good luck

Mama Pea Quilts said...

I've been reading your blog for a while but this is my first time to comment.

Your wedding quilt is going to be beautiful. I think it's very meaningful that you're trying to get it done by your first anniversary. That will only add to the memories attached to it.

What have I been working on? Too much canning and preserving from the garden! No, I do love it but this time of year I feel very deprived because I can't get in my quilt studio nearly as much as I want. Soon though, soon.

JAS said...

I found a child's wicker chair my dad's neighbor was throwing out for the trash--added some white spray paint and a new pillow--wha laa--a precious chair for my 2 year old daughter. Not Martha Steward, but repurposing is so essential these days.