Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little gift

Was waiting for me when I got home today!

I received my tea towel and recipe from Esther in the mail today for our Charming Girls' Quilt Club exchange. Absolutely adorable!

The recipe is for Key Lime Pie, which my husband is quite a fan of! So she must have had him in mind for the exchange as well ;o)

Now I just hope she likes the one I sent her as I love the one I got!



Nicole said...

I love Key Lime Pie.
Congrats! You won a prize on my blog.

Michelle said...

It's a pretty tea towel. I bet the recipe is good too! I'm kinda of glad I didn't participate because I only know how to sew quilt stuff. I don't know how to do the fancy, crafty fun stuff like you and some of the other ladies do...but that's ok - right?

Starbound Studios said...

it is an adorable one! I will be posting tonight the one that I made for her. It's the first tea towel that I ever made, and I think I'm hooked! Glad you stopped by!