Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A brightened end of the day!

Oh what a day it has been....

Got up early to realize that I didn't have to go to work right away because I had a dr. appointment (which meant I had to drive today- I usually bus it to work). So I got up, got ready, sat around, ate breakfast, read thru some blogs, packed my bag for work, then headed off to the appointment. And of course, even though it was a usual check-up, it always takes longer than expected! Thankfully, all is good and "normal". Well, at least my normal. Then off to work to be busy all day. And halfway thru the day, I realized I wasn't wearing any make-up... I can't even tell you who I talked to, or what all I had for lunch, it was just go, go, go... And since I got there late, I stayed late to make up the hours, which meant I didn't leave until 7pm. Ick. Then walk 15 minutes to the car (the joys of parking far away to get a cheaper parking charge), 30 minute drive home, and I was finally having some dinner by about 7:50pm. A bit more blog reading, coupon searching, and then I looked outside. And this is what I saw when I walked out onto the deck:

I can honestly say that I did not do any editing to this photo, it was this striking!

Nothing like an amazing sight like that to remind me that all things that happened today, all the busy-ness and crazy-ness, is just a little spec and to never miss the little things. As they say "Don't forget to stop and smell the roses." Absolutely AMAZING!!

What made you smile today?


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