Friday, August 21, 2009

How does some sherbet sound?

Melonberry Sherbet or Blueberry Sherbet that is!

Here they are! The little projects I have been working on this week! Of course, nothing that was on the "to-do" list, but just a little something I decided to whip up. All made with left-overs from my "Summer Fun" 9-Patch quilt, how I love using up stash fabrics!

I have seen a few others make very striking pieces using just half-square triangles with a print and a solid, so I decided to take a little stab at it. And let me tell you, love them! How is it that every time we make something new, we fall in love all over again? I'm always like "oh, this one is my favorite! I love it!" Then I'll finish another project and "oh, this is my favorite! I love it!" Who knew we could have so much love in our hearts! And there's still room for that wonderful hunk-of-a-man I get to be with everyday!

These two will be going to their planned homes next week, and I can't wait to give them! The Melonberry Sherbet (pink, yellow, and orange) on the left will be going to my wonderful mother. It was fun to make that, I don't think I've ever made anything for her before, but I have many more things to go before ever catching up to all the things she's made for me!! And the Blueberry Sherbet (blue and green) on the right is going to one of my besties, Dani! Dani and I were college roomies and we just clicked from the start! There were many late nights of tv, movies, popcorn, and girl talk. And of course, all of the adventures around town, and our many, many, many trips to Caribou once we finally got one at school (yeah, it was a small 'lil city). Anywho, back to the gorgeous piece... Within the last few months, Dani has shown an interest in quilting, and even started asking Mom and I questions about sewing machines. She has never really sewn (except maybe in middle school when we learned a bit in home ec), and she would love to learn. Well, as I'm sure with many other quilters out there, that just made our eyes light up and our minds start going! How awesome to be able to share our love of quilting with one of my best girls! So mom starting doing a little looking around, and of course, when she least expected it, she found a machine at a garage sale....for FREE! My favorite 4-letter word! Now it wasn't in the best shape, didn't have quite all the pieces (the power cord and foot were missing...this woman's little boy took scissors to it and cut the cord in half), but mom did a little research online, bought a new power cord/foot and some other accessories, cleaned it up, and got it running! Now I have got to say, that is one of the best finds of the summer!! And another wonderful thing, she'll be joining us for some Tuesday Night Sewing Dates! So anyways, my gift to Dani for inspiration and the beginning of her quilting journey will be the Blueberry Sherbet piece, and a quilt journey that I made! Ooo, hopefully she doesn't read this... Dani, if you're reading this...act surprised when I see you!! Love ya!

So there you have it, the next finish on the list! What is your latest finish??

Well, I'm off to study for a while for the big exam. Have a delightfully wonderful day!



larry7pokey said...

Your little quilts and your sewing machine story are very sweet! thanx for sharing. pokey : }

Mel said...

Darling quilts! Congrats on the finish!

Melody said...

Sweet little quilts!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Such cute quilts! I'm sure they will be well loved.

Strlady said...

Excellent use of the stash!! They look great!

Aunt Spicy said...

Really those are so cute! I love them side by side, very fresh and crisp!