Saturday, June 20, 2009

A full day of Sewing! Happy 9-patch!

The day started off with sewing (after breakfast, of course), and will be ending with sewing, just a bit of handsewing for the night.

I got the white fabric to use for the sashing for my "Summer Fun" 9-Patch quilt today, and worked on it the rest of the day! I ended up with 76 blocks total, so I decided to do a 7 x 9 quilt and was left with 13 to use on the back. I almost have the entire front done! I just have the white inner border, the 2" squares border, and the white outer border left for the front. Then off to put the back together, layer, and quilt! I'm working to finish all the machine work done so that I can finish the hand work on our trip next week. Mom's not so sure I will make it, but I'm determined!

My first block, and still a favorite!

What project do you have going on right now? I'd love to see!

Happy creating!

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