Sunday, June 7, 2009


The place mats were finished 3 days before my little deadline! I finished them last night, a little too late to post, so I thought I would post today! All 8 are finished, and just need to be sprayed, then will be ready for use. I love how they turned out, I must say!

Would I ever make another set? Probably, I just wouldn't set them aside as long as this group was! I think 2 years for a small, easy project like these is far too long, but they are finally done!

Next on tabs as far as projects go are:
-My "Stars of Wonder" quilt, almost done with the guilting. I'm hoping to have the binding sewn on so that I can do the hand sewing and finish it on our trip in a couple weeks.

-The Wedding quilt
-"Summer Fun" 9-Patch quilt that will soon be started
-The Batik Flower Garden, in progress
-The Vintage Feedsack Flower Garden, also in progress

Alright, good little break, I'm now up to work on finishing the quilting on the star quilt, and maybe a nap. Why is it we get colds in the summer? Isn't that an oxymoron?? Oh well, off to quilt!

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