Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 4: Maybe in 60-some years....

...I will have enough different quilts finished to do an old fashion "bed turning" event with friends.

"You might be asking, "What is a bed turning?" "Bed Turnings" were common during the pioneer days when women would lay out all of their handmade quilts on a bed, and then invite their friends and neighbors over to see the quilts they had made. Some women also sold their quilts, just as they might have sold eggs. A bed turning was a great way to display quilts to prospective buyers as well.

Join us as Evelyn presents an “old fashioned bed turning”. Quilters and non-quilters alike will enjoy and be inspired by a presentation of some beautiful quilts that Evelyn has made over the years. Quilts will be layered on the bed in the middle of the store where Evelyn will tell you a story about each quilt; “turning” each quilt back to reveal another beautiful quilt and story. Evelyn will tell you about each of the quilts she has made, the year it was made, and the pattern she used. " -From the Fabric Town website.

And quite an event it was! Evelyn was in her mid-80's, and had to have shown at least 45 quilts to us that she had made herself, many of which were hand quilted and were absolutely exquisite! Going to see her bed turning event was definitely my inspiration and motivation of the day! She even had a "Grandmother's Flower Garden" in the mix, which made me what to go and work on mine even more! So what do you think I'm doing this evening? That's right, making little flowers!

What was your inspiration today??


Gwen said...

I've been quilting for the past 9 years and I'll admit I've never heard of a "bed turning", but now I want to have one too. :) Of course, that means I'll have to finish a few more.

neilwaukee said...

thanks for the info, love quilts,