Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 10: The greens aren't quite green, but.....

that doesn't mean people aren't out on the golf courses! My husband is quite the avid golfer and has gotten me into the sport! For about the last 3 or so months, he's been ready to head out to the course (we just finally got rid of all of our snow this past weekend, mind you). Well, we made it out to the driving range today for the first time this season! I left work a little earlier than usual, came home to have a bit of a snack, packed the clubs, and headed on our way! Considering that I just started golfing last year, I wasn't so sure how I would do... But when I got out there, I was doing pretty good! I was very proud of my self, and now I'm ready to go out an play some courses!

There's my motivation for the day, and I'm ready for some golfing!

What inspired you today??


esque said...

Awesome! I am horrible at golf! But my hubby loves it too, so may be can teach me too!


slosurfer said...

That's great! Glad you had fun. I prefer to drive the cart/caddy and drink beer while my grandpa and brother golf.