Thursday, March 5, 2009 I had to come right home and post, I am totally inspired and wish there were like 30+ hours in a day, because then I would have a few more hours to stay up and create!

Tonight my mom, her friend, and I went to a quilt show at a local high school, an annual one they do every year. I'm telling you, it is held in the library of the school, and there were at least 70 quilts in there...inspiration (and dream) heaven! Now, my mom is quite the quilter, and I've learned much from her, and I love going to these shows and quilt lectures (not necessarily typical for my age fact I'm usually the youngest there). I'm sure many people my age were out for "Thirsty Thursday" or an everlasting happy hour after work tonight, but I was in a lecture hall listening to one of the most successful women in the quilt field, shall we say. Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries was the speaker tonight, and wow...lets just say...she knows her stuff! And as usual, I saw so many things there that I added to my list of things that I want to make. I'm not sure when I'll actually get thru the entire list (as it keeps getting longer), and still have time for work, my hubby, and justlife in general. Pretty sure I have become a lifetime quilter! (And sewer, and creator, and idea person, etc.)

One last thing....I read my horoscope today in a local newspaper, pretty inspiring I would say!
"The creativity is definitely flowing now. If you share your fantasies, they will be taken seriously. This can be positive or negative, depending on what you've been imagining and whom you tell."

Good night to all, and happy crafting!

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Audrey said...

The local quilters guild always has a show in the summer during our festival. Hubby and I went last summer. Amazing!! I can barely sew a straight line - aplique is beyond my abilities.