Saturday, March 7, 2009

"I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it..."

I was singing that all day today after a special little purchase I made. My mom, our friend, and I went to a quilter's garage sale held by a local quilt guild, and there was such a great variety of stuff as all of the members cleaned out their stashes. I found a few great things, and then I got sucked in by a certain table. Thi woman had all vintage items (pillow cases, hankies, etc.) and then I saw her true, vintage feedsacks and pieces! Alright, little background. I have grown up always watching my grandma work on different quilts using the Grandma's Flower Garden, which is usually all stitched by hand. I recently decided that I would take on the challenge of making one myself. I wanted to do it with vintage fabrics or reproduction fabrics, but didn't have any and wasn't ready to buy. My mom had a great stash of batik fabrics, so I decided to use batiks instead for a bit of an updated Grandma's Flower Garden quilt. When I saw those feed sack pieces today, I was in heaven! I have now made my template, and started cutting out pieces of fabric to make my original thought, a quilt with the vintage fabrics! (And will be doing this all by hand, mind you!) That was certainly the purchase of the day! And I will try to post pictures of the progress as I go.

Happy Crafting to all!! Enjoy!

P.S. Oh, and also exciting! I also finally got some of my photography listed in my Etsy shop, check it out!!

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