Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Finish!!

Oh my, what a night!  A wonderful Tuesday night {as usual}!

A top was almost finished;

Borders were measured and sewn on;

A baby quilt was completed;

And White Reinforcement Dots (WRDs) were earned by all!!

I finished the baby quilt I've been working on for my former co-worker, just in time since I'm having lunch with her and the other ladies on Monday!  Now it just needs to be washed and dried!  It's so cute, I am just so in love with it!  {Thankfully I have fabric left over so I could make one for future use :o) !!}

Some quotes from the night:
  • "Oh look, my foot is in a bag..."
  • "Just a heads up...when you walk in there, watch your feet!"
  • "I like busy {pertaining to fabric}, because then my mind doesn't have a chance to think so much."
And of course, the White Reinforcement Dots that were earned!

Dani ~ +1: Her birthday is on Saturday!!
         ~ +1: She was awfully funny tonight
         ~ +1: Learning to do borders
         ~ +1: Half of her borders are on her quilt!

Katie ~ +1: Amazing singing skills that appeared tonight!
          ~ +1: Quilt rows are all sewn together
          ~ +1: Being so darn cute & trendy!  {I want to be like her...}

Mom ~ +3: Staying on task with 3 of us
          ~ +1: Wonderful task management & helpful!
          ~  -1: Demanding lots of WRDs {okay, so not really...but maybe there was a little tone}

Katy ~ +1: Finally deciding on a baby quote
        ~ +1: Finishing the baby quilt!!!
        ~ +1: I'm in charge of the WRDs {this was given to me by the others...don't worry, I didn't decide on this one!!}

So that leaves the tally at:
Oh, and our theme song for the evening.....{and mine for life!!}
(FYI: Quite a catchy song!  *Make sure the kiddies are around if you play it...a little F* here and there, just wanted to warn you!)



Kelli said...

That quilt is gorgeous! I have seen a few different ones made from this pattern and they all look so good, I think you have inspired me to try one! : )
Glad your sewing night went so well, sounds like heaps of fun!!!

Ann said...

Katy, I love that baby quilt. I keep thinking that some day I should make another quilt. Starting out with a baby quilt would be a much less daunting task. Now I just need to wait for my friends to start having babies!