Monday, April 5, 2010

New Project in the Works!

Yes...another new project is now in the works!  Surprising??  Shouldn't be....

I found some of the Authentic line by Sweetwater while on a little shopping trip with mom, grandma and other quilty friends to Country Threads, and I thought "such awesome fabric to use for my Pure Romance quilt!"  That's right, I'm one who can find any reason to make a quilt, and I figured since I am a consultant, why not make a quilt with that theme!  So I was on the lookout for blacks and pinks....and here's what I have after Country Threads and a little Quilt Cove stop!

I am going to make a hedgerow quilt with this beautiful fabric and can't wait to get going on it!  I've started cutting a bit, just have so many others on the plate as well!  

Totally awesome Hubby both moms flowers this weekend for no reason!  He also got me some gorgeous Calla Lilies this weekend!  Such a sweetheart he is!  

*Also be sure to check out Thrifty Beginnings in a bit for a little update...a new adventure that I am beginning (with mom's help, of course!) **Edit....okay, so now it is updated!  We had a little kitty emergency...not worries, she's fine!** to have dinner with Hubby, then up to sew a bit!  Hope you all had a wonderfully crafty day!


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Barb said...

love the fabrics...