Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Night Sewing Date

Back to it, and all three were present this time!

Dani and I headed to Mom's after work for our Tuesday night date.  It was wonderful to be back!  There was a bit of show and tell, working on current projects, and planning our next quilty excursion!  I'll be looking for fabric for my first project out of One-Yard Wonders (one of my wonderful Christmas gifts!!),  

fabric for the "No Sew Block Swap" that I'm participating in, and fabric for a big project underway that was slightly revealed tonight!  {more to come on that later....}

But back to the night at hand; the project worked one was my Mod Quilt.  Did the laying out of blocks, planning, and am now ready to finish it!

Could that be the first finish of 2010??  We shall see!

Hope you had a wonderfully quilty night!!

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EmileeHope said...

Wow! It looks like you keep yourself really busy with tons of projects! Love it!! (Wish I had the energy to get as much done...or maybe it would be dedication?!?) I am excited about our swap! What colors are you going with? I am thinking pastels (seems like the perfect baby quilt) but who knows what I will go with in the end. I am always changing my mind since I normally have a million things at once swirling around in my head! (It is worse than Atlanta traffic!!)