Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why buy it when I can make one!

While shopping all of the wonderful after-Christmas sales with Mom, I decided to do another project {why not add another to the list, right??}.  I picked up some beautiful colored glass Christmas balls, a wreath form, some floral wire, and decided to get started tonight!

I have always seen wreaths like this around the holidays, and figured "why buy one when I can make it!"  So I got working like a busy little bee; cutting wire, shooing the kitty off of the table {apparently I couldn't have fun without her},wiping up a little blood-sweat-and tears (okay, really just a little blood from sticking myself with the wire), and letting the creativity come out!

I'm not quite done yet, but have a pretty good base done. 

But I must take a little break for some popcorn and hexies!  As of late, I've had a kick of hexie-fever again.  Quite a few batik hexies are finished and have been joined together.  Man, I really don't know when this project will ever get finished.  Mainly because I seem to have been working on it a ton and it isn't getting anywhere...but also, I keep finding so many great batiks that I don't have already, and I just have to add them in!

And what have you been working on this Christmas Break?  I would love to see!

Hugs & Giggles,

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