Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Mother of All Updates!

So, my last big update was back in mid-October... let's start from there...

Well, the Hubby and I celebrated our first anniversary on Oct. 17th! We spent the night away, did some hiking and sightseeing with all of the beautiful fall colors, and had a delicious dinner! I can't believe we've already been married a year, but then again, we have really been together 8 years.

Speaking of wedding, Mom and I continue to work away on our wedding signature quilt. We didn't get it finished by the first anniversary (our goal), but we're getting there! We are in the process of sewing groups of 4 together with sashing, then will go ahead and sew all of the groups together. Here is everything all laid out before the sewing-fest began!

I have also been working away on my Christmas quilt!! I am so excited about this quilt, I just can't contain it! I found the adorable Christmas line "Hallmark Christmas" from Free Spirit at one of my favorite quilt shops around here. It's nothing traditional, and very whimsical- exactly what I was looking for! I'm doing the "4-Patch Flip" pattern again, and paired the holiday patterns with different subtle patterns/solids of all different colors. I have my blocks all made, and am now ready to lay it out and sew it all together!

And there have been a few Christmas presents that have begun. One is almost finished, can't show the other tho...they may be reading!

Let's see, what else...

Oh yes, our little kitty is keeping us very busy! I can't believe that we've already had her a month! There are days that she gives us quite a run for our money! But with just one look at her precious face, no matter what she's done, I just melt all over again!

And her coloring, I just can't get over how gorgeous she is! I know I'm a little biased ;o)

Work has been going alright, we've been a bit busy, things will be slowing down here though I have a feeling. And we've had a few more lay-offs, nobody in my department, thank god! So thankfully I have my quilting and crafting to go to!

I have soooo many projects to finish before the holidays also, but who doesn't, right?
* Christmas Quilt
* Stockings
* A few more Christmas gifts
* Advent calendar
* A couple wall hangings

Oh, and I am going to have a ton of baby quilts to make in the next few months!! It must be that time of year, or I'm just at the age now (weddings checked off the list, babies next on the list), but within the past two weeks one friend gave birth, I found out that 8 friends are pregnant, and a couple more are now "trying" (or at least not "not trying" as they put it). I just hope that doesn't mean more people are going to be asking when we're going to get pregnant. I can say, it won't be for a while! As my husband says, "we have too much traveling left to do before having a baby." Agreed, I like your thinking Sweetheart!

Well, I think that's a pretty good update of my life both in the crafting world and in the "real" world! I just have to leave you with one little thing. While I was typing this little update I heard this noise behind me. What do I turn around to see?? Someone found a new place to hang out! Oh Abbi, how cute are you?!?

Hugs & Giggles!

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Aunt Spicy said...

Wow, do you have a lot going on! Good luck, can't wait to see the quilts!