Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slightly on a Fabric High!

What a great day it was (okay.. blogging late, so it's really still Saturday to me)!

(For many out there..sorry if you really don't want to see this)... It all started off when I woke up this morning. I looked out the window, and there was a bit of white on the ground! I know it's only October, but I am ready for some snow (can't wait to snowboard!), and absolutely love the Christmas season! Here's a little smattering of what I saw when I got to Mom's for our adventure day:

Love the red berries in the evergreen bush!

Beautiful flowers dawning a little snow cover!

And now that I got that out of my system (for today), onto the real plan of attack today! Mom, Dani and I planned a shopping excursion for, what else, fabric! Well...3 ladies, over 100 miles in the car back & forth and all over, 9 hours, and 7 stores later this is what we ended up with:

A ginormous amount of fabric, and multiple projects each!

I have fabric for so many different things, some in progress, some in planning, and of course, some new!
~ Binding fabric for a Nancy Halverson Christmas wall hanging
~ Fabric for a few Christmas gifts
~ A smattering of different fabrics for an out-of-the box quilt for me
~ A bunch of batiks for a batik quilt using the 4-Patch Flip pattern from Heather Mulder Peterson
~ Fun & whimsical fabric for a Christmas quilt!

Such a great trip, and many happy hours later I'm now home! Dani is here scrapbooking, I'm cutting some batiks for the quilt, and we're watching Elf (who doesn't love that movie)!!

Off to a bit more cutting! Hugs & Giggles

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Michelle said...

Love the pictures with the snow...and from the looks of it you guys had a blast! I really like that movie.