Sunday, August 9, 2009

And She's Back!

Well, it's been almost a week since I've posted...I know that may not be long for some in blogland, but I was doing really well for a while. I've been super crazy busy this week, and I can finally blog again!

I didn't get to do too much sewing this week, mainly because my little machine was in the shop. Nothing major, thankfully (!!!), just the usual tune-up, which hasn't been done on this machine since I got it...quite a few years ago! And I've done a whole lot of sewing and traveling with that machine. It has been to college and back, down to Grandma's once or twice, and back-and-forth between here and Mom's more times than I can count. I haven't sewn with it yet since I got it back (been doing a lot of hand sewing!), but I reckon I shall soon!

Speaking of handsewing, I've kind of been kicking butt lately on my batik Grandmother's Flower Garden lately. I've gotten another little push for it. It's quite addicting, I must say! So I've been working on it quite a bit here and there lately, just something I can do a little bit at night before bed without diving too much into anything. I've finished a few more flowers and done a lot of connecting onto my large piece. It's coming along! It currently measures about 28" x 36". That is currently with 29 flowers and joining pieces. I really have no idea how big it will be when I am all finished. I have a lot more flowers, and quite a few batiks left that I haven't even made flowers out of yet, and am planning to make one flower of each to beginning with. And I just have to is my current pile of "flowers to attach". So needless to say, this thing will be getting quite a bit bigger! There are at least 50-75 flowers there!

Well, sorry to have been MIA for a few days, but I'm back to it now that my exam prep class that I had this weekend is over :o) Even though I'm a bit exhausted (and can't believe that I have to go back to work tomorrow already...), I'm off to do a bit more hand sewing!


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clare's craftroom said...

Hi Katy , wow that is going to be such great quilt the colours are so chirpy !