Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Night Sewing Date!!

What a great night! I love Tuesday's!

So first off....if you read the previous post, the "Stars of Wonder" flannel quilt is finished!

Quilt measures 58" x 80"

I made it using The Pointless Wonder pattern from Quilt Country. It is all flannel with the bright pink as the binding and backing. And I just love the yellow border fabric with all of the different colored stars!

It was mostly done to see if I could do a quilt all on my own, beginning to end, with little help. I felt that I was at the stage and that I had learned enough from Mom that I should be able to do one on my own, and I did! I did get a little help from her with figuring numbers and all (I'm not so good at that just yet), but other than that, I did it! So needless to say, it's not by any means perfect, but quite an accomplishment :o) I do love this quilt though it was a bugger to finish...but it's done!

The next little project (just a quick one) was to add extra padding to the ironing board. It's a great ironing board, and worked perfectly except for one minor thing... There wasn't enough padding and I felt like I was ironing right on the metal frame whenever I ironed. Thankfully we happened to have some extra badding at my house, took it all apart, made a pattern with some Christmas paper that I just can't seem to get rid of, put it all back together, and I ended up with a much nicer ironing board! Nice and thick!

And onto the last little enjoyable part of this post. If you remember this fabric that I found while on my trip with Mom to the Quilt Museum in Nebraska
(the group on the right, Soiree by Lila Tueller for Moda)
I decided tonight was just the night for the project with them! Here is a little glimpse! It is just about done, but not quite there yet...
It shall be done tomorrow or Thursday, then I'll show the finished product :o) Oh, the suspense!

Well, there is my fun for the night! What did you work on today?

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Judy said...

Great finish!!