Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Night Sewing Date

One of my favorite days of the week!

Even though Mom wasn't able to get together tonight, I figured I might as well still use the time to sew. So I decided to make a little project, which I finished!! I made two sets of coasters for a couple that my brother currently lives with. They were out of town when we went to visit my brother this past weekend, but let us stay at their house so that we didn't have to get a hotel. I have only met them once, but just from talking to them and hearing about them from my bro, they are two sweet people!

Anywho, so back to the coasters. I was just going to make one set with a the wife's favorite colors (I figured the husband wouldn't care as much, as most men don't...), and they turned out to be blue, pink, and red. When I heard this, I immediately thought "and how and I going to incorporate those three colors and still make it look nice??" Well, I should never doubt myself, I found a couple great fabrics in the stash! I also found a great piece of summer drinks fabric that I just had to make a set from! I also cut enough to make myself a set :o) I have them all packaged with a cute little Thank You card, and ready to be mailed out!

Another successful Tuesday Night Sewing Date! What did you work on tonight?


tammiemarie said...

Gosh, I haven't been keeping up with our sewing night! :) I had big plans to sew last night but ended up knitting while I watched a movie instead. I'm making up for it today, though... Love the coasters!

Starbound Studios said...

At least you did something crafty though!!