Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love productive days!

So today was a wonderfully productive Saturday!

I got to sleep in a bit, which doesn't happen very often around here anymore (except on my Friday's off), and I loved it!! For any of you that really know me...I am NOT a morning person! I have always been a night owl, and have been told I take after my dad in that aspect.

After a wonderful time of laying in our big comfy bed with the sun and a light breeze coming in the window, I got up and headed off to the tea shop with dad. Now mind you, I'm not a big tea drinker, and I don't really fancy hot drinks all that much either. I'm learning to like warm drinks though. I was the kid in the neighborhood that would always have milk and marshmallows while all of the other kids had hot chocolate after a long day of sledding and playing in the snow. Mind you, I love chocolate (sometimes a bit too much), I've just never liked hot drinks. So anywho, this winter I had some "Throat Coat" tea when I had a nasty cold with a sore throat, and I decided "hey, this stuff isn't actually that bad!" I decided to tell the 'rents, and dad made me up some samples of his teas that he likes. Let me just say this...he is an oolong and black tea drinker. If you are a beginner, you do not start there! So for Father's Day, I gave him some 'tea money' as we like to call it, and a gift certificate for a "Tea trip with your daughter". And today was the day! I got a couple herbals and green teas. I've realized that I really liked the licorice root in the "Throat Coat" tea I had, so I got a couple with that. I smelled almost all of the herbal/blend teas, and many green & white teas, and my goodness!! Some of them smelled divine!! If they all tasted exactly like they smelled, I would drink only tee the rest of my life! Okay, this was supposed to be a short entry, and I could obviously go on about my first tea store trip for far too long... Long story short, I got a few to try, had one today and loved it! I think I'm hooked!

Other productive things today...
~ did a bit of garage sale-ing: didn't find too much, but always love the hunt!
~ made myself a set of the "Summer Drinks" coasters similar to the previous ones I made.
~ got together with some friends from work for fireworks at a local celebration in the cities
~ and last but not least......I finished quilting the flannel star quilt and put the binding on!! I just have to trim, and hand sew the binding on, label and its finished! It will be done before July is over (sewing the binding is my favorite part, I can't get to that point and then just let it sit)!! Granted, it won't be used for a while...flannel and summer don't go well together. But it's been that quilt that didn't want to get finished.

So quite a productive day it was, and now I'm off to bed! Hopefully yours was just as productive!

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