Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Project of the night.... my Feed Sack Flower Garden! I decided to take a little break from the Batik Flower Garden (mainly because I'm running out of my hand quilting thread and haven't gotten more yet). I finished one flower tonight, and am now working on tracing and cutting a bunch, next (probably not tonight) I'll baste a whole group. After basting, I'll be off making flowers!! I must say that I love these fabrics, but am not so excited about the size of the flowers to work with. After working so long with the 2" Batik hexagons, switching to the 3" hexagons is a bit of a change!

I am still loving how this quilt is turning out!! Just wish that I was a bit further! I can get a bit impatient at times....

Well, back to the flowers with my drink and snack of choice (Dr. Pepper and popcorn, the snack of champions!), and all the fun blogs on my computer! Happy crafting!!

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