Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's WIP Time!!

There are so many blogs that I love to look at during the week, many of which I have found thru Etsy. Then there is this one that my mom showed me, and I am addicted and inspired! Crazy Mom Quilts always has such cute ideas and projects that it has motivated me lately to keep working at my WIPs (Works In Progress), and create, create, create! So then I started thinking of all of my WIPs that I currently have going...and let me tell you, I almost need more than two hands to count them all. So here they are, not just quilts (I am thinking of trying to get some photos up of them as well):
  • Hand embroidered tea towel sets
  • Hand embroidered pillow cases
  • Flannel star quilt
  • Flamingo quilt
  • Vegetable placemats
  • Advent calendar
  • Christmas wall hangings
  • Batik grandmother's flower garden
  • Vintage feed sack grandmother's flower garden
  • Wedding quilt
  • Water animals baby quilt
  • Harvest table runner

That is not including all of the projects that I have the pattern and fabric/materials for, but haven't yet started! I decided I would just throw that list out there, because I figure then I am putting them all out there and will hopefully look at this, and have the drive to finish them all before starting new projects!! I know some of them will take a while to finish...but some have been going on too long and need to get done!

What is your favorite current WIP that you have going on right now??

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