Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 16-21:It's no fun being sick/having a migraine...

Okay all, I will say, I am sorry that I haven't kept up with this as well as I had hoped! I have had an off and on migrain the last few days, and was in bed most of Sunday, and all yesterday with the nasty virus going around. So here I am, here to update my blog with the last few days I've missed!

Day 16 (Thursday, April 16): I was determined to hop back on the horse, so I went to work early so that I could leave and make it to my yoga class. Actually its a yoga/pilates/tai chi class, and I felt so good and rejuvinated afterwards! I always have a great day the next day! Which leads us to...

Day 17 (Friday, April 17): My and my husbands 6 month anniversary! (of marriage, we really have been together much, much longer...) So we decided we would treat ourselves to a delicious dinner out to a place with a patio to enjoy the beautiful (70 degree weather!). We haven't really been on a "date" in a while, though we do try to plan a night together doing something we both enjoy at least once a week. Such a wonderful evening and such beautiful weather!

Day 18 (Saturday, April 18): We went golfing, and I did so much better than I thought I would! Not only was it another beautiful day (plus I got some sun while out!), I also got to sleep in, lounge around, then play a wonderful game of golf! Pretty sure I am totally ready to go out again, even though I may not be the best...

Day 19 (Sunday, April 19): Not such a wonderful day...the migraine and sicky stuff really set in, so I wasn't really sure if there would be much to inspire me that day. At the grocery store, though, I did some planning for a meal later this week (which really, could this be inspiring, I'm sure you are asking, but you have to understand, I'm not the cook in the family, and to know that I am planning a meal, all on my own, that I am going to do all of the preparing, pretty exciting for me!!). I am getting together with a couple friends later this week, and can't wait for the great food and time together we are going to have!

Day 20 (Monday, April 20): I hate to say it, but I didn't really have much inspiring or motivating that happened yesterday, I was up for a total of about 7 hours, slept the rest with the migraine and virus. I suppose the only real motivating thing was that I was feeling a bit better in the evening with not really any migraine left!

And that ends with today, Day 21: I will say, one great thing about being sick (tho I was back at work today, thank goodness!!), is that I was able to do a bit of hand sewing on my batik Grandma's Flower Garden! I don't remember how many I had last time that I posted about them, but I now have 30 done! Still many to go, but still exciting! And they are beautiful! It is so exciting to watch them all come out, and the same fabric can look so different on the petals in one flower!

What inspired you lately???

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MagicMarkingsArt said...

starbound - hope you're feeling better, and congratulations on your 6 month anniversary.