Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 14: Gotta love them shorts!

What a great spring day it was today! It made it up to about 67 degrees, which meant driving with the windows open and the music up! You know it's finally spring/summer here in the midwest when you and your neighbors come out of hibernation and you see each other outside again. Also when you see someone pretty much every 20 feet or so on a bike, walking with a partner, or with a dog on a leash, you know its finally spring! Those are all scenes that I saw/took part in today, and let me tell you, it was glorious! I love spring, and summer, and fall, okay, and winter! We have the wonderful change of seasons here (but I'm glad that is it time Spring has finally come)!

What inspired you today?!?


Mary Ann said...

It's been rainy in the Northeast, but 70's promised for the end of the week. Spring and summer are my favorites. My flowers and trees blooming give me a new, fresh outlook on life.

Jessica Anderson Photography said...

Its SNOWING here!!

TheresaJ said...

Happy spring! We've had a few super windy days, but I can't complain. Supposed to get pretty hot here in the SF Bay Area this weekend. Time to braek out the BBQ and invite a few friends over.